According to Focus Group, Working Class Voters in New Jersey Don’t Give a Hoot about LGBT Issues

Ryan Girdusky of One America News Network highlighted some interesting points about a focus group of white-working class voters from two districts in New Jersey.

House Majority Forward conducted this focus group with the aforementioned voters in two New Jersey districts that went from red to blue during the 2018 elections.


The first observation from this study group was that the “issues voters brought up the most were immigration and national security. No one brought up impeachment unless it was brought up to them.” 


He then pointed out that “Most respondents among all groups said they agree with Trump on immigration. ‘Almost to a person, immigration was described as a matter of bringing “control” to our borders and immigration system.’ Note: No one brought up child separation or said they wanted a wall.”


Even more revealing was how Trump was “cited as caring about putting Americans first while Democrats cared about non-citizens, human rights, and ‘gay issues’.”



When these voters were asked about what Congress should work on, “the most common response was controlling immigration.”


Girdusky then concluded by posting a link to the focus groups for those interested.

Overall, this study group demonstrated the power of the immigration issue.

From demographic shift to economic displacement, immigration brings diverse coalitions of people together.

For that reason, Trump should continue hammering away on the issue if he wants to broaden his coalition for 2020.




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