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ACLU Files Lawsuit Using Coronavirus as an Excuse for ICE to Release Scores of Illegal Migrants

Coronavirus is being used an excuse to facilitate social disorder.



The Cuyahoga County Court in Ohio is in the process of releasing hundreds of prisoners from incarceration amidst fears regarding the spread of coronavirus, WJW Cleveland has reported. This announcement has emboldened leftists to call for similar jailbreaks within jurisdictions across the country.

“You gotta remember, the goal of this is to protect the community and the safety of the inmates. If someone’s a serious violent person, well, we’re using our discretion to make sure the community’s safe also,” Administrative Judge Brendan Sheehan said last week, adding that “hundreds” of prisoners will be let loose.

The court made the decision official during a special session on Saturday. Some individuals were allowed to plead out for their crimes, others were released on house arrest, and some of the worst offenders were led off to prison.

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The far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is urging for similar policies to take room throughout the country, using coronavirus as an excuse to push for lax criminal justice policies:

The Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) Campaign has called for the state of New York to release prisoners onto the streets as well because of supposed coronavirus concerns:

The ACLU is even calling for ICE to empty their detention centers of illegal migrants, using the coronavirus as an excuse to implement leftist public policy.

“Immigrant detention centers are institutions that uniquely heighten the danger of disease transmission,” Eunice Cho, senior staff attorney at the ACLU’s National Prison Project, said in a statement.

“In normal circumstances, ICE has proven time and again that it is unable to protect the health and safety of detained people. These are not normal circumstances, and the heightened risk of serious harm to people in detention from COVID-19 is clear,” she added.

The ACLU is joined by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) in filing a lawsuit against ICE based on nine migrant plantiffs who they claim have serious health conditions, but they make it clear that they hope the lawsuit has broader implications on the migrant detention system.

“If it waits to react to worst case scenarios once they take hold,” Matt Adams, legal director for the NWIRP, said regarding ICE, “it will already be too late.”

“If we can go in and get an order clarifying that the federal government indeed has the responsibility to secure the safety of those who are at high risk — and that the only meaningful way to secure their safety is to release them — then we would expect that they would comply with that, not just with these nine individuals, but all of the others who are detained there,” Adams said to CBS News.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” Cho said to CBS News. “Immigration detention centers are closed environments, just like the cruise ships, just like the nursing homes that were the site of some of the deadliest exposures to COVID-19.”

Former Obama administration official and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel infamously said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Those principles are on full display, as leftists attempt to use the coronavirus scare as a power grab to fill the streets with criminals and illegal aliens.

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Coronavirus Stimulus Contains Whopping $350 Million Refugee Resettlement Boondoggle

This has nothing to do with the virus, or the economy.



It appears that a $350 million dollar appropriation for purposes of “Migration and Refugee Assistance” managed to slip inside the coronavirus stimulus package.

Populist commentator Ryan Girdusky first reported on the hidden boondoggle as the legislation was being prepared for a Senate vote Wednesday night. It’s one of several unrelated pork planks in the massive $2 trillion stimulus that was able to slip in without the scrutiny of Republican senators.

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The proposal to enrich refugee resettlement contractors appears to have migrated into the legislation originally introduced by Mitch McConnell from Nancy Pelosi’s rivaling proposal. The Speaker of the House had temporarily derailed the stimulus package by introducing a plan of her own, but from the looks of it, she’s getting a crucial element of the left-wing social agenda Democrats have tried to tie to the stimulus with the refugee resettlement package.

Florida’s Matt Gaetz appears to be one of the few members of Congress to question the totally unrelated refugee giveaway in the moment of legislative urgency.

Nominal charitable and non-profit entities have gamed and rigged the American refugee resettlement process for years, enriching themselves to the tunes of tens of millions of dollars if not more on the taxpayer dime. Migration skeptics have long questioned the utility of such an arrangement, pointing out that spending hundreds millions of dollars to resettle people in the United States could be used to far greater effect in providing relief for displaced peoples closer to their homes countries.

Existing refugee resettlement programs have continued in spite of the raging coronavirus pandemic. More than 3,000 people have been resettled in the United States since January, when the disease began surfacing on the radar of the federal government.

The Washington D.C. Swamp appears to have succeeded in utilizing one of its oldest cards in this instance, attaching a totally unrelated refugee proposal to a sorely needed economic relief package. It’s likely the proposal would have shot down on other circumstances, but congressional Democrats ultimately proved tactful enough to advance their preferred and entirely unrelated special interest in a moment of great legislative urgency.

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