ACLU Sues to Reverse Arkansas Law Banning ‘Trans’ Children From Being Drugged and Mutilated

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing to revoke an Arkansas law that prevents children from being drugged and mutilated for the purposes of their so-called gender transition.

Arkansas passed the law after overriding a veto from Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who argued that protecting the purity of children from abusive predators violates limited government principles. The ACLU is trying to overturn the will of the people to empower an LGBT agenda promoting Sodom-esque depravity.

“Gender-affirming care is life-saving care for our clients, and they’re terrified of what will happen if this law is allowed to take effect. No child should be cut off from the medical care they need or denied their fundamental right to be themselves — but this law would do both,” said Holly Dickson, the executive director of the ACLU of Arkansas, in a statement.

“We’re suing to stop this cruel and unconstitutional law from taking effect and inflicting further harm on these children and their families,” she added.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who has been named as one of the defendants in the lawsuit, intends to take the fight to this left-wing special interest group in court.

“I won’t sit idly by while radical groups such as the ACLU use our children as pawns for their own social agenda,” Rutledge said in a statement.

Big League Politics reported when Republican lawmakers in Arkansas overturned the veto of their shameful lame duck governor to protect children from LGBT predators:

Arkansas Republican legislators voted to override a veto on Tuesday making law out of legislation protecting children from being drugged and mutilated as part of their induction into the depraved and dangerous transgender lifestyle.

The House voted by a 71-24 margin to overturn the veto while the Senate voted by a 25-8 margin to do the same. Far-left attorneys plan to sue the state in an attempt to overturn the will of the people and allow LGBT predators to push children as young as kindergartners to be mutilated to satisfy ‘trans rights.’

Hutchinson vetoed the legislation that he called a “vast government overreach” that would interfere with the “parent, child, doctor-patient relationship.” He said that his heart went out to transgender children who would be forced to stop taking drugs as the result of the bill.

“That makes my heart break to think about it,” Hutchinson said...

While there are certainly many RINOs in leadership positions such as Hutchinson, there are still Republican leaders with the courage to do the right thing. Arkansas children will be protected from the LGBT plague as a result of this act of bravery.”

If the courts overturn this law, it will prove that the child abusers have captured the justice system. Christians will have to make tough decisions on how to protect the souls of the youth from satanic predators if that is the case.

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