Active Shooter at Naval Air Station – Corpus Christi Confirmed

Early on the morning of May 21, 2020, an active shooter situation was reported at Naval Air Station – Corpus Christi.

Per a report from NAS-CC, the Naval Security Forces at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi responded to an active shooter at around 6:15 A.M. on Thursday.  The security forces neutralized the shooter.

All gates at the facility stay closed while first responders processed the entire situation.

KRIS 6 News reported that NCIS investigators and local law enforcement are on the scene.

Corpus Christi police also confirmed the shooter situation on their Facebook page, announcing that an incident took place at one of the gates on the base.

People living near the area were asked to stay indoors.

Texas A and M Corpus Christi posted on their Facebook page that they implemented a lock-down but reopened after the situation on the base was handled accordingly.

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