Activist Judge Prevents Unvaccinated Father From Visiting Daughter

Doses of the covid-19 vaccine.

New York City has been known for many unsavory attributes, a list that seems to grow with each passing year of mismanagement by the liberal gentry class. From being a poster child of inequality to being the first municipality in the country to implement vaccine passports, there appears to be no height of liberal lunacy that the Big Apple will not strive for. Most recently, America’s financial center has added yet another leftist brain fart for the coastal elites to marvel at and Middle America to scorn at.

According to The Epoch Times, Justice Matthew Cooper of Manhattan suspended a father’s visitation rights to his three-year-old daughter for the father’s egregious offense against the medical police state, i.e. his refusal to submit to the vaccination regime. The father from Long Island was ordered to either submit to full vaccination or weekly testing in order to be able to continue to see his daughter. Justice Cooper was keen to justify this very questionable move of his.

“Here, in-person parental access by defendant is not in the child’s best interests, and there are exceptional circumstances that support its suspension,” wrote Justice Matthew Cooper. Cooper further added that the “dangers of voluntarily remaining unvaccinated during access with a child while the COVID-19 virus remains a threat to children’s health and safety cannot be understated.” seemingly ignoring the starkly different rates of symptomatic cases between age cohorts.

What makes even more of a slap in the face to many people appears to be the fact that the father in question has previously recovered from a covid infection, an exemption even heavy-handed countries like Singapore have acknowledged as a cause for exemptions. Lloyd Rosen, the father’s lawyer, is using this fact to push back against this cruel restriction, arguing that recovery from a prior infection negates the necessity of acquiring the vaccine by way of natural immunity, which can potentially be more effective as a layer of protection compared to the double-dose Pfizer vaccine.

“My client is not a conspiracy theorist,” the attorney said late last week. “He has concerns about the vaccine. He’s heard about side effects. He once had a bad reaction to a flu vaccine.”

“This judge must feel that 80 million Americans who aren’t vaccinated are placing their children at imminent risk of harm and, therefore, the courts should intervene and remove those children from their parents,” Rosen continued to say. “This is an absurd position to take.”

Unsurprisingly, Evan Schein, the lawyer for the toddler’s mother, who has main custody of the child, lauded the edict, saying that “It’s an incredibly important one that highlights the extraordinary times we are living in and reinforces that a child’s best interests are paramount,”

Last month, following Schein’s voicing of supposed concerns regarding the father’s vaccination status, provided Cooper the opportunity to opine that the vaccine is a prerequisite for people to “participate meaningfully in everyday society” and cited examples of tyrannical governments across the country, including New York City itself, mandating vaccines and/or masks on their employees as a justification for his ruling.

In an unrelated trend, people are leaving the city in droves, especially since March 2020.

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