Actor Alleging to be Victim of MAGA Attack Claims He ‘Fought Back’

An actor who claims that he was targeted by men wearing ‘MAGA’ hats in a hate-crime style attack stated Saturday in his first public appearance since the alleged event that he ‘fought back.’

Jussie Smollett claimed that he was accosted by Trump supporters in Chicago who attacked him with a chemical substance and put a rope around his neck, all while stating that ‘This is MAGA country’ and targeting him with racial and homophobic abuse.

As usual, establishment media has jumped the gun– taking Smollett’s increasingly dubious claims at face value despite a strong case suggesting Smollett’s claims of being attacked are nothing more than another leftist hate hoax.

Chicago police have been unable to locate any surveillance footage video of the alleged assault, let alone multiple men in the area wearing ‘MAGA’ hats in one of the most reliably Democratic cities in the country. It also suffices to say ‘MAGA country’ doesn’t come to mind as the most accurate way to describe the city.

Now, reports from the Chicago PD confirm that Smollett was holding the same Subway sandwich he had before the alleged attack that landed him in the hospital.

Appearing at a nightclub Saturday, Smollett stated that he “fought the **** back,” indicating that he fought against his attackers while holding the sandwich, which he remained in possession of despite supposedly having a rope placed around his neck by the thus-unidentified bandits. The Empire actor also was apparently on the phone with his manager during the event, and has refused to hand over phone records to the police to assist the ongoing investigation into the event.

Sources within the Chicago PD have stated the alleged attack looks increasingly like a hate hoax. Don’t expect the media to take even the slightest precautions before assuming Smollett’s potential blood libel against Trump supporters to be completely true.

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