Actress Mira Sorvino Calls for “Revolution” Amid Kavanaugh Hearings

Adding to the pattern of violent leftist rhetoric, well documented on this site and others, a Golden Globe-winning actress called for a “revolution” while Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh defended himself from unprovable smears Thursday.

“I have never before today actually felt we needed a revolution,” Mira Sirvono said Thursday.

Sirvono was one of many actresses to accuse disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, which she claimed got her blacklisted from his films.

“I find Dr. Blasey Ford extremely credible and sympathetic. I find her responses echo many of the feelings and reactions I have had over the years connected to my own sexual violence trauma and the aftermath of speaking out. I applaud her courage,” she continued on Twitter.

“As a survivor & a woman,I feel somewhat sick about today. If the rush to a vote without further investigation,involving the FBI, listening to the other 2 women who have come forward & Judge,then they’ve proven to be more interested in party than truth.We demand better!” she said.

After the GOP caved to her demands, which echoed the demands of the entire Democrat Senate, and called for further FBI investigations into Kavanaugh, did Sorvino thank the GOP for its “interest in truth”?

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