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ACU Chair Matt Schlapp Cheers on Mass Immigration While Getting Lobbying Cash From H-2B Industry

Schlapp works to undermine Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda on immigration.



American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp is cheering on President Donald Trump’s acceptance of a huge wave of legal immigrants coming over to the United States to crowd American workers out of the growing job market.

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After making the post on Twitter, it was quickly pointed out that Schlapp’s lobbying firm, Cove Strategies is making a great deal of money lobbying on behalf of the Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA), an organization that pushes Congress and the Trump administration to accept more workers by expanding the H-2B visa program.

Schlapp began his lobbying career as a shill for the Koch brothers, the libertarian oligarchs who are powerful opponents of Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda on trade and immigration. Schlapp’s values have not seemed to change much since leaving the Koch orbit.

Schlapp left the administration of globalist George W. Bush to join the Koch brothers as the executive director of federal affairs for their Washington D.C. lobbying outfit. Heading up the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Schlapp has overseen an apparent blacklisting of immigration hawks from the event program while receiving sponsorship funds from Google.

Michelle Malkin, one of the few ‘America First’ conservatives allowed at the event in 2019, took the event organizers to task for their obvious gatekeeping efforts.

“Congress has repeatedly mandated a nationwide visa entry-exit system to track legal short-term visa holders. But one has yet to be built—even in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which were perpetrated in part by several illegal alien visa overstayers. E-verify has been stalled. Sanctuary cities metastasized,” Malkin said at CPAC on March 1.

“And BOTH parties are to blame – yeah I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Bush family, Mitt Romney and the ghost of John McCain,” she added.

“Ultimately our future will not be secured in a Fox News anchor chair or a think tank office or on a cruise ship or at a cushy GOP retreat,” Malkin said, calling out Schlapp and other country club conservatives used to the beltway lifestyle. “The future is on the frontlines. At the edge of the bridge.”

Unfortunately for Malkin and other right-wing immigration hawks, the lobbying efforts of Schlapp and his ilk have been effective at shifting the policy proposals of the administration. Trump has drastically changed his tune on immigration since being sworn in as President.

“We want to have a very strong border, but we want to have a lot of people coming in,” Trump told reporters in March. “A lot of people don’t understand that. They think we’re shutting it out. We’re not shutting it out. We want people to come in, but they have to come in through a process.”

“We’re going to let a lot of people come in because we need workers,” Trump added. “We have to have workers. These are low numbers, and in one way I love it, but in another way I don’t want to make it hard for you to get those companies rolling … with really great people.”

Congress recently approved legislation that intends to replace American workers by banning per-country quotas for employment visas. This measure, praised by Silicon Valley tech firms, will open up the flood gates for workers, particularly from India, to receive green cards.

House Republicans voted overwhelmingly in favor of the measure, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and it passed by a 365-65 margin earlier this month. This betrayal and other like it are orchestrated by veteran lobbyists like Schlapp, who always seem to get their way at the expense of Republican constituents and American workers.

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President Trump Promises to Protect Healthcare from Illegal Immigration

The President Reiterates His Strong America First Immigration Vision



Before an audience in Des Moines, Iowa on October 14, 2020, President Donald Trump highlighted his support for curbing illegal immigration.

In this speech, Trump made it a point to link illegal immigration with increased spending on healthcare at the federal and state level.

“[Joe] Biden’s agenda would be a catastrophe for Iowa seniors,” Trump stated in his speech.

Trump added:

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Biden is pledging mass amnesty and federal health care for illegal aliens, decimating Medicare and destroying your Social Security.

We all have a heart. I said all the time, I’d love to take care of everybody all over the world. The problem is our country can’t afford it.

If you started saying, ‘We’re going to give free education, we’re going to give you Medicare, we’re going to give you health care, we’re going to give you everything,’ our country will be flooded with millions and millions of people that are going to come from all over the world. They will decimate our country,. You can’t do it.

Biden cares more about illegal aliens than he does your senior citizens. It’s true.

In these trying times, Trump has to use his national populist appeal in order to win votes, especially among older voters. Trump has lost his edge with that demographic cohort according to an Axios report that was released in October 6:

Former Vice President Joe Biden has gained a more than 20 point lead over President Trump among voters ages 65 and older, two separate polls — one from CNN and one from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal — found.

Illegal aliens are known to be major beneficiaries of welfare largesse. According to a 2016 study by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, mass migration runs state and local governments about $60 billion annually. Additionally, if the current crop of uninsured illegal aliens is allowed to enroll in the Obamacare program, the federal government could potentially be spending $10 billion annually, an estimate that the Center for Immigration Studies put forward back in 2019.

Bringing in more migrants would have healthcare and infrastructure costs balloon to rates that could strain America’s already delicate social services programs.

Neil Munro of Breitbart compared and contrasted Biden and Trump’s immigration platforms to detail the contrasts between the two canddiates respect visions for migration policy:

Trump’s 2020 plan offers broadly popular restrictions on immigration and visa workers.

But Biden’s 2020 plan promises to let companies import more college-trained visa workers, to let mayors import visa workers, to accelerate the multi-million inflow of chain-migration migrants, to end migration enforcement against illegal aliens unless they commit a felony, and to dramatically accelerate the inflow of poor refugees to at least 125,000 per year.

In short, Donald Trump is the America First candidate who stands up for American workers and socio-economic cohesion. In contrast, Biden is the globalist candidate that wants to break down American institutions for the benefit of Big Business and other interests who view the nation state as an antiquated construct.

In 2020, the choice is clear for anyone who believes in institutional stability and prosperity for the American people and their posterity.

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