ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt is Losing His Mind About Zoomer’s Lack of Support of Israel

On November 14, 2023, a leaked phone call between Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Director Jonathan Greenblatt and an unknown Zionist propagandist went viral across social media. In the phone call, Greenblatt voiced his concerns about Gen Z’s flaccid support for Israel. The ADL director also blamed Tiktok for facilitating anti-Israeli sentiment. 

“We have a major, major, major generational problem,” declared a voice in the call that is supposed to be ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt on a conference call. “All the polling I’ve seen: the ADL’s polling, ICC’s polling, independent polling, suggests that this is not a left, right gap folks. The issue of the United States’ support of Israel is not left and right. It is young and old.”

“…Numbers of young people who think Hamas massacre was justified is shockingly and terrifyingly high. So we really have a TikTok problem, a GenZ problem and our community needs to put…energy to this, like fast,” he added.

Greenblatt is particularly flustered with the perceived lack of enthusiasm for Israel’s brutal siege of the Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian resistance group Hamas’ violent attack on Israeli military and civilians on October 7, 2023. Thus far, over 11,000 Palestinians, with many civilians among this figure, have perished as a result of the Jewish state’s punitive actions. 

“We’ve been chasing this left-right divide. It’s the wrong game. The real game is the next generation, and Hamas and their accomplices, the useful idiots in the West, are falling in line in ways that are terrifying,” declared Greenblatt.

“Numbers of young people who think Hamas massacre was justified is shockingly and terrifyingly high. So we really have a TikTok problem, a GenZ problem and our community needs to put…energy to this, like fast.”

Greenblatt is an avowed Jewish supremacist. During an interview with MSNBC, Greenblatt proclaimed that every Jewish person is a Zionist, and opposing the state of Israel is not only an anti-semitic but also “genocidal” viewpoint. 

In this leaked conference call, Greenblatt also revealed that ADL “analysts” have infiltrated anti-Zionist organizations and closely kept tabs on their anti-Israel remarks. He also noted that his team thoroughly reviews the “language toolkits” of said organizations and compares linguistic data and talking points to craft solutions i.e. develop censorship programs. 

“We saw a dramatic change in the language of the activists here in America on October 8th. The language of groups that have long been problematic. They flipped like this and went to Iranian propaganda,” lamented Greenblatt. “our analysts are in their groups…the language in their toolkits were all about the ‘zionist entity.’”

Mike Peinovich, the Chairman of the National Justice Party, commented on Greenblatt’s remarks in a Telegram post: 

Listen to the audio. Greenblatt is not acting. He is genuinely upset, and he stresses that antipathy for Israel among younger people does not fall along left/right lines. Pretty much everyone hates them across the ideological spectrum. Whatever ‘Zoomers stand with Israel’ public campaign the ADL cooks up will be cringe and ignored and mocked.

No matter how Israel worshippers and their fellow travelers across the political spectrum spin it, the ADL is an anti-white hate group that pursues a Jewish supremacist agenda. In a rational society governed by real America First nationalists, such an entity would be liquidated. 

There is a paradigm shift brewing in Western politics. Thanks to the Internet and the proliferation of alternative media it has enabled, the Zionist lobby can no longer monopolize discourse with respect to Israel. On any given day, Israel’s domestic crackdowns and geopolitical machinations are luridly exposed by content creators of all backgrounds. 

For that reason, the Zionist blob will do everything possible to suppress free speech i.e. speech that challenges Zionist priors. In light of this, the Right must do everything possible to defend free speech and continue exposing Israel and its Zionist occupied satrapies across the West. This political order must go the way of the dodo if the West is to survive as a coherent civilization.

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