ADL Proposes Collusion of Big Tech with Federal and State Governments to Mobilize Against “Domestic Terrorism”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is using the January 6 Capitol siege to justify its belief that domestic terrorism is a significant threat which requires a “whole of society” mobilization—that is, a collusion of Big Tech with federal and state governments—against it.

Along with the release of its annual “Murder and Extremism in the U.S.” report, the ADL has asked the Biden administration to “convene a Preventing Domestic Terrorism Summit bringing together state, federal and private sector officials,” according to the Times of Israel, which disingenuously used a picture from the August 2017 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, in their story, thus implicitly comparing out-of-line Trump supporters with white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the so-called “alt-right.”

On January 6, Americans watched as an insurrection fueled by violent conspiracy theories and white supremacy gripped the nation and attacked our democracy,” the ADL’s policy recommendations section of the report read. “This was a predictable act of political violence fueled by years of increasing extremism; the forces that led to the attack on our Capitol continue to pose a threat to American security and democracy.”

Their PROTECT Plan is an acronym of the following prescriptions:

  • Prioritize “preventing and countering” domestic terrorism
  • Resource according to the threat
  • Oppose extremists in government service
  • Take domestic terrorism prevention measures
  • End the “complicity of social media” in facilitating extremism
  • Create an “independent clearinghouse” of extremist content
  • Target “foreign white supremacist terrorist groups”

The ADL is also calling for greater coordination between federal and state governments in identifying threats and greater accountability of social media companies like Facebook and Twitter.

The response here is astounding overkill. Some Trump supporters get out of line, breach the Capitol without any intent of insurrection, and it requires “whole of society” mobilization against “domestic terrorism” as well as investigations of “white nationalism and extremism” in the military. Meanwhile, city blocks across the country are looted and burned all summer and it’s a “mostly peaceful” reaction against longstanding injustices. Absolute hogwash. The US is afflicted with a serious case of anarcho-tyranny.

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