Adorable: Firefighters Surprise Adoptive Family with Long Awaited Son

Try not to cry! This story is a tear-jerker. A family looking to adopt was blessed when the local fire department showed up at their front door with a special delivery.

A couple from Maryland, Michael and Karen Faherty, had been going through the adoption process for almost a year when they were told one final home inspection was required to complete the process. The couple thought they were going to be participating in the final home inspection on February 16, but the Anne Arundel County Fire Department along with the help of the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Company had other plans. The two received a surprise of a lifetime when over 30 firefighters knocked on their door, with firetrucks honking their horn in the background.

Michael Faherty, a member of Anne Arundel County Fire Department, was shocked to see his team walk up the stairs holding their new son. He and his wife were in disbelief when they found out what the two fire departments and the adoption agency orchestrated.

Karen Faherty said, “It’s the best feeling in the world. It was such a gift that the birth parents gave to us that we dreamt about this time for so long and without them, this dream would never come true,” according to ABC 11.

But, that wasn’t the only surprise that day. Squad members of both departments came together to buy the family all the supplies they would need for a newborn. Packed in the back of an ambulance was diapers, wipes, a crib, etc. Michael’s co-workers also volunteered to take over his shifts for the next few weeks so he could spend time with his son, according to the fire department’s Facebook page.

This is a much watch video, grab the tissues!

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