Aerial Footage Reveals Massive, Densely Packed Crowds Celebrating Chicago Gay Pride

Aerial footage of Chicago’s homosexual pride parade on Sunday revealed a crowd in the thousands celebrating the event, congregating closely together in a manner wholly dismissive of the social distancing requirements public health officials have been urging Americans to heed to deter the spread of coronavirus.

The crowd that numbered in the thousands at one point gathered together at the CTA Belmont metro station at Lakeland, marching two miles to uptown Chicago. The crowd chanted vocalizations at various points, all but ensuring public transmission of coronavirus molecules.

Public health data from Minneapolis shows a considerable spike in coronavirus cases among young people, the demographic most likely to have been participating in the widespread riots and criminality that damaged hundreds of buildings and created more than $50 million in property damages in the troubled city.

As the Left conveniently ignores and semblance of heeding coronavirus public health edicts, sober-minded Americans genuinely concerned with public health ramifications of mass protests and riots can only watch idly as their neighbors discard even the slightest pretension that the restrictions many of them have urged on the country apply to protests for their favorite political pet causes.

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