Afghan “Refugee” Flight Overwhelmingly Filled With Fighting-Age Males

A military cargo plane departing Kabul’s besieged airport with so-called “refugees” is overwhelmingly filled with fighting-age males, raising questions about the wisdom of accepting hundreds of thousands of Afghani migrants supposedly in need of asylum in western, predominantly Christian countries.

Imagery of a US Air Force flight containing hundreds of Afghans fleeing the country emerged on Monday, with 640 passengers authorized to board on the basis of their supposed connection to US military forces who have fought in the 20-year occupation of Afghanistan. The flight was bound for Qatar, where visa and migrant processing for those onboard will continue in third party countries with the understanding the “refugees” will eventually reach the United States.

A few women and children can be seen in the lower left of the picture, paling in comparison to the hundreds of men. Gender segregation is widely practiced in Afghanistan, with women unlikely to sit among throngs of men they’re unrelated to.

Human rights advocates have drawn attention to the plight of Afghanistan’s women, who stand to face restrictions on their rights and daily lives under the impending Taliban government. However, the failed state’s young men appear to be the ones fleeing the Islamist terrorist group, rather those who wouldn’t be expected to actually fight against the organization.

A crowd overwhelmingly composed of young men was also seen mobbing a military cargo plane on the runway of the Kabul Airport, with some even going so far as to tie themselves to the taxiing aircraft, later falling to their deaths from the plane in flight. Afghans have generally declined to accept similar risks in fighting the Taliban, who has taken all of the country’s provincial provinces with minimal bloodshed in the nation’s capital without firing more than a few shots.

With Afghanistan’s supposedly heroic and brave youth opting for flight from their homeland over picking up weapons and firing back at the far-from invincible Islamist organization, citizens of western countries forced to pay welfare, housing, food and resettlement costs for the throngs of migrants may be left questioning the caliber of the sham refugees unwilling to fight for their country.

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