Afghan Refugees Brought Over to the U.S. From Third-World War Zone Include Men with Child Brides

After a frenzied rush to import 124,000 migrants from Afghanistan to the U.S. was completed, the public is learning that these individuals were in many cases not even collaborators with the U.S.-backed puppet government that fell pathetically as soon as the federal checks stopped coming.

In news that may surprise liberals and neoconservatives, some of the Afghans imported to the U.S. are unsavory individuals. In fact, certain Afghans are coming over to the land of the free with child brides in tow.

U.S. officials at refugee intake centers in the United Arab Emirates and in Wisconsin have been shocked to see grown Afghan men with little children who they call their wives. The State Department does not know what to do in response, considering they are under orders from the Biden regime to overrun America with as many third-worlders as quickly as possible.

The problem is not just with the child brides and their pedophile “husbands.” Many other Afghans have grown violent, bringing weapons into checkpoints, as they retain the backwards customs from their old culture. There has also reportedly been no testing for COVID-19, as the New York Times has reported.

“At the Army base, ‘single males, including former Afghan military’ had become unruly ‘and contraband weapons have been confiscated.’ Overwhelmed, neither base was testing Afghan evacuees for the coronavirus,” the shocking NY Times report stated.

The report added that “diplomats sent an electronic badge, or code, to Afghans who had been cleared for evacuation to show to guards at the gates. But it was shared so widely that officials no longer knew who should be let in.”

Big League Politics has reported on how Biden’s disastrous troop pullout in Afghanistan is being exploited to further the demographic collapse of America:

With rates of national betrayal increasing to the point that it almost looks like a competition to sell America out the fastest, the Pentagon has announced plans to re-purpose military bases to house thousands of refugees from Afghanistan. While this alone might not be quite so shocking, what makes the decision so insidious is the fact that said military bases include domestic bases right here in America.

In fact, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby informed Fox News that “[Forts] Bliss and McCoy have the capability right now—and what’s advantageous is with a little bit of work, they could increase their capacity in very short order.”. Bliss and McCoy are located in Texas and Wisconsin respectively. Apparently the Biden regime seems to be worried that their official victory in Wisconsin by the skin of their teeth is in jeopardy, and based on recent national polls, they are not wrong.

As if to rub salt in American’s wounds, Kirby is not even planning on giving Americans in Afghanistan the basic courtesy of flying them out before these future Democrat voters. “Once we get more airlift out of Kabul, we’re going to put as many people on those planes as we can. There will be a mix, not just American citizens, but perhaps some Afghan SIV applicants as well,” Kirby said. “It’s not going to be just Americans first, then SIV applicants. We’re going to focus on getting as many folks out as we can.”.

Given the high rates of welfare use amongst immigrant households, especially those coming from Southwest Asia as refugees, Americans can look forward to subsidizing this vibrant diversity to their shores to the tune of untold billions a year, in addition to seeing increased competition in the labor market for the most vulnerable American citizens. Such is the wisdom of our sublime globalist rulers.

America is headed toward collapse, and Western Civilization will probably sink with it.

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