AFL-CIO President Cheers About Amnesty

Once one of America’s strongest bulwarks against mass migration, Big Labor has now sold out.

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler recently said that the United States must grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. She argued that such a policy “would benefit” working class Americans nationwide.

John Binder of Breitbart News observed that “During an event at the White House on Wednesday, Shuler and President Joe Biden touted House and Senate Democrats’ plan to slip amnesty for illegal aliens into a $3.5 trillion so-called infrastructure package.”

Shuler stated:

Every working person in every state would benefit in some way, child care tax credits, the first ever federal paid family and medical leave benefit, a long overdue path to citizenship, infrastructure investments, apprenticeship programs, American made industries, American supply chains made with good union jobs. That is the Biden-Harris vision for America’s future.

Back in August, Senate Democrats put forward a budget resolution framework that includes spending roughly $107 billion in taxpayer dollars to swamp the US labor force with millions of illegal aliens who recently received amnesty, thereby putting downward pressure on American worker wages.

The framework’s language is rather unclear. It calls on the Judiciary Committee members to grant “lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants.” The individuals who would qualify for an amnesty are still up in the air.

Binder pointed out the type of pro-mass migration company that AFL-CIO now has thanks to its pivot towards amnesty: 

With Shuler’s endorsement of the amnesty, the AFL-CIO — meant to represent the interests of union workers — joins the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, Koch brothers network, tech corporations, and former President George W. Bush, among others, in lobbying for the legalization of millions of illegal aliens to compete against America’s working and middle class for U.S. jobs.

Basic economics dictates that an expanded labor pool results in depressed wages, which Binder is able to illustrate in mass migration’s effects on American wages:

A flooded labor market from mass legal and illegal immigration to the U.S. has had a devastating impact on the nation’s working and middle class while redistributing wealth to the highest earners. In creating an economy that tilts in favor of employers, the economic model helped keep wages stagnant for decades.

Between 1979 to 2013, wage growth for the bottom 90 percent of Americans grew just 15 percent. Meanwhile, wage growth for the top one percent of Americans was nearly 140 percent higher.

The irony of the AFL-CIO’s support of amnesty is that in previous decades prominent labor leaders like Samuel Gompers resoundingly opposed immigration on the grounds that it undercuts American labor. 
Now that has completely changed. The level of multicultural degeneracy has become so strong that even labor organizations, who have class interests that are antagonistic to mass migration,  are beginning to yield to Open Borders Inc. At this point, it’s up to right-wing populists to stand up for the American worker.

The easiest way to do so is to resist uncontrolled immigration by passing tough legislation like an immigration moratorium.

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