AFP Questions Melania Trump’s Health

On the 2016 presidential election campaign trail, the ground rules for speculation about the health status of a political figure were set, and they were quite clear: There is never to be any speculation whatsoever.

This point was made clear when Hillary Clinton woozily stumbled to her van at a 9/11 memorial event before being chucked inside by her Secret Service  detail like a side of beef:

Then there was Hillary’s bizarre seizure-like eye rolling and head spasming during an interview:

But anyone who dared question Clinton’s health status was deemed to be a nutjob or a conspiracy theorist. The “far-right” was told it was inappropriate to speculate about Clinton’s health – and perhaps rightfully so – as we were not doctors, let alone Clinton’s personal doctor.

But it seems that those rules only apply when Republicans are doing the speculating.

“Melania Trump’s unusual 25-day absence from public view following surgery for a “benign” kidney condition is raising questions,” AFP titled a Tweet.

AFP put “benign” in quotation marks as if to question whether the First Lady’s condition is worse than the public has been told. The Yahoo article that AFP linked to did the same. Both are avowedly leftist publications.

The hypocrisy was not lost among many Twitter users, including DC Examiner contributor Angela Morabito:

“Melania recovers from a scheduled surgery: conspiracy. Hillary collapses in public and then lies about it: [crickets]” she tweeted.

“Suddenly every journalist in America is an expert at how long it normally takes to recover from kidney surgery,” tweeted radio personality Ken Webster Jr. “Imagine that.”

The mainstream. media sets the ground rules, and then fails to play by them whenever it is inconvenient. The MSM has cancer, and in our opinion, it’s terminal.


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