AFPAC Organizer Nick Fuentes Announces Official Launch of Nonprofit “America First Foundation”

Nicholas J. Fuentes, the American nationalist political commentator who organized the America First Political Action Conference in Orlando, has officially launched a nonprofit organization.

The America First Foundation, according to its mission statement, seeks to “educate, promote, and advocate for conservative values based on principles of American Nationalism, Christianity, and Traditionalism.”

The America First movement can be described as an amalgamation of traditional values, Trumpian populism, and American Nationalism,” the mission statement adds. “We are determined to restore the once great nation our forefathers built with their blood, sweat, and tears. A nation that once valued family, decency, Christianity, and its European cultural roots. This nation we once cherished has been torn apart at the seams by nefarious political actors who have subverted the will of the American people for far too long.”

Fuentes officially announced the launch of the nonprofit on his livestreamed commentary show on Tuesday night. According to the Official AF Updates Twitter account, the America First Foundation is, to their knowledge, the only nonprofit that exists solely to advance an America First agenda.

The America First Foundation will not only host AFPAC annually, but other events in different parts of the country as well. Their email sign-up list gives users the option of typing in their state and says “we will email you if we have events in your state or nearby.”

Big League Politics covered and summarized all of the speeches given at the America First Political Action Conference in February:

The second annual America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) took place Friday night in Orlando, Florida, the same city where CPAC has been holding its own conference.

The speakers at AFPAC included political commentator Vincent James, reporter Jon Miller, bestselling author and columnist Michelle Malkin, former congressman Steve King, sitting congressman Rep. Paul Gosar, and political commentator and activist Nick Fuentes.

AFPAC is a conference specifically for the dissident wing of conservative politics known as the America First movement. The movement held its first political action conference last year in Washington DC as an invitation only event, but this year’s event opened to the public and sold tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

America First is an up and coming political movement that’s rapidly building a solid infrastructure despite innumerable challenges and hurdles. Keep an eye out for them and a possible influx of GOP primary challengers running on an explicitly America First platform.

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