African Migrant Accused of Raping Nine-Year-Old Girl in Sweden, Leaving Her in Coma

An Ethopian migrant given residence in Sweden allegedly raped a nine-year-old girl in Sweden, leaving her in a coma.

The African migrant suspect is said to be 13-year-old, but he may in actuality be much older than this according to investigators. He is being accused of the aggravated rape of a child.

The migrant reportedly came to Sweden from Ethiopia during summer 2017. He has been frequently accused of raping and abusing young Swedish women after invading the country. Despite these allegations, he was given permanent residence in Sweden earlier this year.

Because he is allegedly a youth, he remains free and has not been permanently detained. Authorities are attempting to deduce his actual age. The community is outraged over what is taking place in their country due to the plagues of diversity and multiculturalism.

“People are worried and don’t dare let their children go out. I don’t feel well at all,” a mother said to reporters.

“Should someone like that be allowed to stay with impunity? Should this person stay in the country? We give them benefits, and then they come here and misbehave. It’s incredible!” another parent stated.

Big League Politics has reported on migrants enriching Europe by raping young girls wherever they are placed by satanic globalist elites out to corrupt and destroy the innocent:

The fourth and final Afghan migrant accused of gang raping and then murdering a 13-year-old Austrian girl in June was apprehended in London on Thursday.

The four Afghan migrants allegedly plied 13-year-old girl, referred to only by her first name of Leonie in reports, with a copious amount of illegal drugs before viciously gang raping her, murdering her and leaving her near a tree in Austria.  

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