After Attacking Fred Trump, Daily Beast Doesn’t Want You To Attack Pete Buttigieg’s Father

A left wing conspiracy theory website that spent considerable time and effort smearing President Donald J. Trump’s father, Fred, is now upset at those criticizing the openly Marxist father of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

“Evidently the father’s sins are to be passed down automatically to the offspring,” said The Daily Beast said in an opinion piece called “The Grotesque Red-Baiting of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.”

The author took offense to a news story published by The Washington Examiner, which noted that Buttigieg’s father, Joseph, was Marxist professor who “lauded the communist manifesto.” The attack on Joseph did not sit well with the op-ed writer over at The Daily Beast.

“Only in the time of Trumpist demagoguery, it seems, are self-proclaimed conservatives and Trump supporters ready and willing to go back in time to the most foolish and inane attacks from a sordid era in our nation’s past,” the author proclaimed.

Except the site did the exact same thing to Trump and his father in March of 2016. Not only is this trend tried and true, but The Daily Beast gladly took part in it during the good old days during the Trump campaign.

“Fred Trump had at one point been charged with seeking to overcharge veterans for subsidized housing,” the left wing rag reported. “He also had been the subject of front-page allegations that he had run up millions in overcharges in a government-funded project. He had denied it all and had not been criminally charged. Now he would show them all with Trump’s triumph by the sea.”

Those remarks about Trump’s father came in the context of a piece which accused Fred Trump of trying to “kill Coney Island,” published as a hit on Trump during his presidential campaign.

There was no hand-wringing about whether attacks on the father of a presidential candidate were in bounds from The Daily Beast back in those days. After all, they had a job to do – smear Trump into oblivion and derail his campaign.

Per usual for the leftist corporate media, they failed. Now they want to change the rules.

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