After Endorsing Infanticide, VA Gov. Northam Says He Wants To Disarm Americans At Church

Virginia Governor Northam Church Gun Free Zone

In the same interview in which he made vile remarks about murdering infants after they are born as a form of abortion, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam attempted to change the subject by suggesting the government turn churches into gun-free zones.

Northam went viral on Wednesday after endorsing murdering infants during a conversation about abortion. The governor suggested that, if a new mother is still unsure whether she wants to have a child moments after giving birth, the child should be “kept comfortable” while the mother and her doctor determine whether to end its life.

Big League Politics has video of the full, horrifying statement. Fortunately, after a massive nationwide backlash, Virginia lawmakers made it clear that the bill would never be voted on, or even leave its subcommittee.

Perhaps overshadowed by the bombshell endorsement of infanticide, most of the media missed Northam’s suggestion that churches should be made gun-free zones, taking swipes at Americans’ First and Second Amendment rights.

Fortunately, the governor summarized his thoughts on Twitter.

Public records indicate Northam received nearly $1.5 million from Everytown For Gun Safety, a well funded anti-Second Amendment group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

This push to deprive Americans of the ability to protect themselves using their Second Amendment rights while in places of worship comes after at a time fraught with violence and threats against churches in America and around the world. In October of last year the FBI began investigating after a Seattle church was attacked with molotov cocktails, and the tragic 2017 shooting at a Texas church that left 26 dead before an armed citizen intervened and ended the killing spree is still fresh in the minds of many.

Just this week, terrorist group ISIS took responsibility for the bombing of a cathedral in the Philippines.

Apparently clueless to the massive public relations nightmare his statements created, Northam attempted to end the controversy surrounding his infanticide endorsement by tweeting that he has “devoted his life to caring for children” and condemning those criticizing him. He has yet to clarify his anti-Second Amendment statement.

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