After Midterms, Voters Want Immigration to be Under Control

Most Americans who voted during the 2022 midterms elections are in favor of policies that would curb illegal immigration and restrict legal immigration.

In a recently released poll, Rasmussen and NumbersUSA found that 58% of US midterms voters believe the government is not doing enough to cut illegal border crossings and visa overstays.

Only 13% believe the government is doing too much on the immigration enforcement front, whereas 20% believe the current level of immigration enforcement is at the right level.

51% of midterm voters believe President Joe Biden’s regime is doing poorly in terms of its handling of illegal immigration, while only 20% gave it a good rating and 12% rated it excellent on the matter.

This poll also compiled information from 2022 midterm voters in the three battleground states of Arizona, Florida, and Nevada, which showed similar sentiments in favor of immigration restriction. 64% of Florida midterm voters say the government is doing too little to curtail illegal immigration and 52% gave the Biden regime a poor rating on how it has handled illegal immigration.

50% of Arizona midterm voters gave the Biden regime a poor rating on immigration from 50% of Arizona midterm voters, 58% of whom believe the government is doing too little immigration enforcement. In Nevada, 66% believe the government is doing too little immigration enforcement and 53% rated the Biden regime poorly for the way it has handled the issue.

“This polling is remarkable. It shows clearly that most American voters of every type, party, and ideology agree that immigration needs to be brought under much better control,” declared NumbersUSA Vice-President of Operations Jim Robb.

67% of 2022 midterm voters believe that it is important to significantly increase physical barriers such as fencing and walls on the US border with Mexico, which includes 51% who say strengthening border barriers is very important. 89% of Republicans, 49% of Democrats, and 69% of independent voters say increasing physical barriers on the southern border is at least somewhat important.

69% of midterm voters believe that the government should mandate the usage of E-Verify among all employers to ensure that they hire legal workers for American jobs. Rasmussen noted that “mandating use of E-Verify for all employers is supported by majorities of every political and racial category – 83% of Republicans, 57% of Democrats, 69% of unaffiliated voters, 68% of whites, 70% of black voters, 73% of Hispanics and 65% of other minorities.”

60% of voters favor getting rid of  “chain migration”. Chain migration refers to a process where legal immigrants can not only bring their spouse and children but also their other adult relatives which include extended family and their spouses’ families. Only 30% currently favor the US’s current chain migration policy. 10% are unsure. Overall, a strong majority of voters believe legal immigrants should only bring their spouse and children with them.

67% of midterm voters are in favor of reducing legal immigration. These voters believe the country should only accept 750,000 new migrants each year. 53% of these voters believe that the country should only accept 500,000 legal migrants, with 37% who believe that there should be fewer than   250,000 new immigrants annually.

Only 16% want to increase legal migration, which generally stands at around 1 million annually. An additional 10% are comfortable with one million migrants coming to the US annually.

On the amnesty question, 45% of midterm voters are in favor of granting lifetime work permits to the tens of millions of illegal aliens residing in the US. By contrast, 48% oppose granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

In the three “battleground” states that were polled, there was sizable opposition to amnesty in Nevada (52%), Arizona (48%) and Florida (47%).

All in all, the American people want reduced immigration. But will the political class hear their demands?

Time will only tell.

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