AG Bill Barr: DOJ Has 500 Active Investigations Into Leftist Vandals, Rioters

Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that the Department of Justice has approximately 500 ongoing active investigations into rioters and vandals involved in violence and destruction during the nationwide crime spree following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

Bill confirmed that the federal government is using its anti-terrorism law enforcement task forces to properly investigate and charge suspects in the widespread political violence.

When the real violence started around May 25, 26, and so forth, we started using our joint terrorist task forces around the country. And there are 35 of them around the country.

Barr was speaking on Thursday’s edition of Senator Ted Cruz’s podcast with co-host Michael Knowles.

And now they are starting to go full bore, cranking out investigations, indictments against the people who are involved in this violence. So we’ve had scores of indictments already for such things as arson, destruction of federal property, things like that. And we have, right now, about 500 investigations underway.

Barr went on to cite the confirmed involvement of ideological anarchist groups, whom he described as inciting initial acts of violence which more opportunistic actors went on to emulate. He confirmed systematic involvement of ANTIFA.

Arrests have been made in some of the initial acts of destruction and vandalism in Minneapolis, which served as ground zero for the nationwide riot movement.

They want to tear down the country. They are different than many traditional groups, and frequently, the signs of coordination and activity are very close to the event itself,” said the Attorney General. “So like the morning of or the day before, and things are very fast-moving. But we definitely see signs out on the street of communication, of organization, of preplanning, prepositioning of things. So it’s definitely organized activity.

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