Airbnb Discrimination Against Michelle Malkin May Violate California Civil Rights Law

Right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin is fighting back against Airbnb after they banned her and her family from using their services and believes their actions could be in violation of civil rights law.

“I’ve received feedback from astute lawyers who note that public accommodation businesses in California, where Airbnb is based, are subject to the Unruh Civil Rights Act–which forbids the very kind of anti-free-speech, anti-free-association, and anti-equal housing discrimination Airbnb has visited upon me and my family. Much more is at stake, of course, and there are other sound legal grounds for seeking relief,” Malkin wrote.

Malkin has made a crowdfunding account,, where she has already raised over $8,000 in her fight against the tech firm’s hostile and discriminatory business practices.

“I’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for other patriots and heroes over the past thirty years. Now, I’m asking readers and viewers for help to fight my own battle – which, of course, is yours as well,” she wrote.

Big League Politics has reported on other times that Airbnb has targeted right-wing dissidents in an attempt to enforce thought control:

Lodging website Airbnb is permanently deleting the accounts of users they believe may be travelling to Charlottesville on Saturday to attend the Unite the Right rally.

The company is claiming that by attending the right-wing rally, users are violating their terms of service. In a statement provided to Gizmodo, the company confirmed that they are removing users that they believe are “antithetical to the Airbnb Community Commitment.”

The statement reads:

“In 2016 we established the Airbnb Community Commitment reflecting our belief that to make good on our mission of belonging, those who are members of the Airbnb community accept people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age. We asked all members of the Airbnb to affirmatively sign on to this commitment. When through our background check processes or from input of our community we identify and determine that there are those who would be pursuing behavior on the platform that would be antithetical to the Airbnb Community Commitment, we seek to take appropriate action including, as in this case, removing them from the platform.”

The Airbnb Community Commitment is an agreement that users must accept to use the service and was implemented last year after a flurry of complaints about racism by hosts. Gizmodo notes that this appears to be the first time that the agreement has been preemptively used to ban guests…

While many on the right loudly oppose the views of some of the speakers — Airbnb’s actions have started an intense debate about when it is okay to refuse people service. The left constantly demands that private businesses do not have a right to refuse to provide goods or services based on their religious beliefs, for example — baking cakes for gay weddings — yet they seem to believe that it is okay to refuse people service if their political ideas are in contrast to their own.

The overreach by Airbnb may give Malkin a chance to put Big Tech in their place. Her fight for freedom against satanic globalist overlords is very admirable.

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