AIRPORT CHASE: Jacob Engels Tells BLP… ‘Fake Bomb Threat…The Ballot Box Had Already Been Removed’

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office led by Scott Israel confirms that blank ballots were left in a box in an Avis Rent-A-Car that was rented by a man recently photographed with Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Citizen Jacob Engels raced to the Fort Lauderdale airport with investigative journalist Laura Loomer Sunday night after the Avis driver reported the box labelled as a box of provisional ballots.

It is possible for blank ballots to be filled out and used as provisional ballots during vote-finding missions like the kind the Democrats are presently carrying out in Florida.

“I was sitting there at dinner and we heard about it. We barreled toward there,” Engels tells Big League Politics. “Mr. DeNapoli was on site seeing what was going on. He was the first one who got the tip. When we arrived at the airport the fake bomb threat, the fake suspicious package threat, was already underway.”

Republican state committeeman for Broward County Richard DeNapoli found out about the box from an Avis employee who was interviewed by the Sheriff’s Office. DeNapoli notified the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Scott Israel’s Broward County Office then arrived on the scene, shut down the airport for a suspicious package threat, and seized the box of materials including the blank ballots. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been hostile to the process of finding criminal activity by Democrats in this election, earning a condemnation from Republican attorney general Pam Bondi.

Sheriff Scott Israel, meanwhile, oversees a Sheriff’s Office that stood outside and let the Parkland shooting happen in real time, according to audio of the deadly massacre.

“Florida Highway Patrol was on site shutting down access to roads entering the airport, particularly the routes to Avis Rent a Car. Meanwhile, we’re seeing planes take off and land and lots of activity at the airport.”

Engels made clear that Sheriff Israel’s office was responsible for the airport shutdown.

“I said what’s going on here, we’re media, we need to get inside,” Engels told Florida Highway Patrol, which replied that “Sheriff Israel is in charge of that.”

“We tried perimeter road, all access roads were shut down, anywhere you could presumably cross on foot had a fence and warning sign,” Engels said.

Loomer and Engels returned to the airport at midnight, and Engels said “the ballot box and other materials had already been removed.”

Noah Holliman, the man DeNapoli cited as the renter of the Avis car, where the ballots were stored, was photographed with Democrat Andrew Gillum.

Even the Broward County Sheriff confirms that “blank ballots” were in the box.

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