Alabama Churchgoers Turn Backs on Mike Bloomberg During Campaign Speech

Members of a church congregation in Selma, Alabama turned their backs on former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg when he spoke at a service on Sunday.

Bloomberg is hoping to shore up support in the upcoming Super Tuesday state, facing a contest in Alabama with former Vice President Joe Biden. Black voters will prove to be critical in the Democratic primaries of southern states.

He appeared to discuss his campaign at Selma’s Brown Chapel AME Church on Sunday, but the congregation didn’t seem happy to hear from him at all. Roughly 10 minutes into Bloomberg’s speech about voter suppression and other issues relevant to Black voters, a sizable element of the congregation turned their backs to Bloomberg.

The megabillionaire had been invited by the pastor of the church, Rev. Leodis Strong. After initially declining to appear, he did so, making brief remarks about civil rights.

Bloomberg’s record as Mayor of New York City has come into question with some Black voters, particularly his support of controversial ‘Stop and Frisk’ policies that critics argue unfairly targeted young minority men.

Bloomberg hopes to challenge Joe Biden for domination over the moderate lane of the Democratic Party, but his lacking appeal to southern Black voters could prove enough to sink his Super Tuesday game plan. The Super Tuesday states are the first in which Bloomberg will be on the ballot.

Joe Biden also spoke at the same church service, receiving a far more amenable reception from the congregation. Biden was powered to a big win in South Carolina through strong support from Black voters.


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