Alabama Media Still Propping Up Doug Jones, Spreading Disinformation About Judge Moore

Monday, the media in Alabama continued its mission to prop up Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) and spread disinformation about Judge Roy S. Moore, who is considering another Senate run in 2020.

Yellow Hammer, a popular political news outlet in Alabama, ran a story with a thumbnail photo suggesting that Moore was thrown out of the Gadsden Mall for improper behavior around young women. That was a campaign lie told in 2017 which has been debunked by the mall owner himself. Still, Yellow Hammer drudged up the old chestnut while propping up the Democrat Senator.

“Oh, what I think is really – it’s really truly almost comical to watch,” Jones said in an ABC interview which Yellow Hammer quoted in its piece. “Because I have always believed that Moore is doing this more to raise money. That’s been his M.O. for years. I don’t know if he’ll run or not, but I think this is a fundraising tool for him.”

“What’s been comical is to watch all the other Republicans, who supported him lock-step, you know, put their party over their country two years ago, are now wringing their hands going, ‘Oh my God, what are we going to do?’ Because there’s this anybody but Roy Moore thing out there. So, it’s interesting for me to watch. But I only watch it, and I don’t care,” he continued.

Jones has spent a good deal of time bashing the Judge recently, despite no official announcement from Moore that he is running for office.

“It doesn’t matter to me who the opponent is,” Jones said. “I’ll be back here for another term.”

All his Doug Jones’s about Judge Moore tells a different story.

While Jones’ approval rating has tanked since his election, he has learned the art of identity politics, likely from his Democratic Party colleagues. He has claimed that Republicans don’t want black people to vote, and that whoever he runs against “will run a campaign on division.”

Yellow Hammer did not immediately respond to a comment request.

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