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Alabama Senator Ducking Constituents After Announced Kavanaugh “No” Vote



A Senator from Alabama is reportedly avoiding phone calls from constituents who are upset with his decision to vote against the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“After Sen. Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook) announced his intention to vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, the office of Alabama’s junior senator has been caught hanging up on pro-Kavanaugh constituents,” according to YellowHammer. 

The host of the Ford Faction, a radio show associated with YellowHammer called Jones’ office live on air, and was hung up on.

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“I called office today to express my thoughts on the and they hung up on me twice and sent me to voicemail the next time….. ,” the show Tweeted.

In response to the numerous phone calls and requests from constituents, Jones’ office has been sending the following letter:

Dear [Name]

Thank you for writing to share your thoughts on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement earlier this summer, I promised the people of Alabama that I would conduct a thoughtful and thorough independent review of the nominee to replace Justice Kennedy.

President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to the Court on July 9th, and from that day forward, I have studied Judge Kavanaugh’s record. I have read his speeches, his available writings from his time in the Bush Administration, and his decisions as a Circuit Court judge. I watched his confirmation hearing carefully and had hoped to have the opportunity to meet with him in order to allow him to explain his thinking on a number of important issues. Unfortunately, his schedule did not permit us the occasion to meet.

I have heard from thousands of Alabamians like you who care deeply about this nomination and what it means for our country. These letters and calls came from both supporters and opponents of Judge Kavanaugh, and I appreciated every one of them.

The Kavanaugh nomination process has been flawed from the beginning and incomplete at the end. However, during her testimony, Dr. Ford was credible and courageous. I am concerned about the message that this vote will be sending to our sons and daughters, as well victims of sexual assault. Therefore, I will be voting no on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

I encourage the President to start a new list of nominees, investigate the individuals on the list thoroughly, and nominate the individual he believes will best serve the interests of justice. The Supreme Court is too important for this process to be rushed.

Thank you again for writing. Please do not hesitate to do so again if ever I can be of assistance to you or your family.


Doug Jones
United States Senator

Campaign 2020

George Soros is Desperately Throwing Money at Minority Voters to Get them to Vote Democrat

The Billionaire Oligarch is Scared that Minorities are Actually Thinking for Themselves and Voting America First



Many American liberals are sweating bullets about Trump’s unexpected minority support in the 2020 elections. Now, billionaires such as George Soros have thrown last financial contributions to make sure that minorities don’t break from the Democratic Party and fall into Trump’s arms.

ZeroHedge reported that oligarchical activist George Soros is working on a last minute effort to crank up Hispanic and African American support for Democrat candidate Joe Biden. According to a report by the Federal Election Commission, which highlighted $500,000 in donations given to the Black PAC and Somos PAC. The former is dedicated towards African American outreach and the latter is focused on Hispanic outreach.

According to Just the News, Soros also pitched millions into “strategic electoral efforts in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan through the Strategic Victory Find, which is a super PAC linked to the Democracy Alliance donor network, which he runs.” The report continued:

Soros has already funneled about $70 million into the 2020 election cycle, more than doubling the amount he spent in 2016. Liberal billionaire donors, including former mayor of New York City and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, have spent many millions this cycle to advance Democratic candidates in swing states and the rest.

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The Black PAC has been a generous contributor to the electoral efforts of Michigan Senator Gary Peters, in addition to Georgia Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Virginia Congresswoman Elaine Luria, and North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham.

One of Somos PAC’s largest contributors is Michael Bloomberg’s Florida Freedom PAC. Somos positions itself as the “first progressive, centralized hub for research, messaging, training, and mobilization” for Hispanic voters in battleground states. The group has mostly concentrated its efforts on supporting key Democratic races, which includes Joe Biden, Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly, and Florida congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Soros’s activism directed towards African Americans and Hispanics has dialed up during a time when support for President Trump is beginning to increase within these two groups. Renowned pollster Nate Silver pointed out that “Trump is performing slightly better than last time among college-educated white voters, and he has gained among voters of color, especially Hispanic voters and younger Black voters.”

Silver added:

One last point on where Trump has made gains among Black and Hispanic voters: He has done particularly well with Black and Hispanic men, which might speak to how his campaign has actively courted them. For instance, the Republican National Convention featured a number of Black men as speakers this year. And Politico talked with more than 20 Democratic strategists, lawmakers, pollsters and activists who explained that many Black and Latino men are open to supporting Trump as they think the Democratic Party has taken them for granted.

There maybe something to this minority exit from the Democrat party. According to a poll by NBC News/Marist, Hispanics in key battlegrounds such as Florida are starting to drift towards the Republican’s side. Trump should dial up the nationalism to 11 and continue pushing for immigration restriction and law and order. Nationalist-inclined Hispanics will reward Trump for this.

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