Alberta Governor APOLOGIZES For Treatment Of The ‘Discriminated Against’ Unvaxed

The tide is shifting – Danielle Smith, the newly elected president of Alberta, Canada, went viral after claiming that unvaccinated Canadians are the “most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my life.” 

Smith is one the few influential politicians that dare to say things as they are. 

At a recent event she also apologized for the treatment of the unvaxed.

Her campaign promises a lot more than just an apology, as Smith aims to seek justice for the unvaccinated that were unjustly persecuted. 

In a recent statement, Smith said: “I’m deeply sorry for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to, um, discrimination as a result of their vaccine status.”

“I’m deeply sorry for any government employee that was fired from their [sic] job because of their vaccine status,” she added. “And I welcome them back if they want to come back.”

The woman who asked the initial question in the clip above asked a follow-up question on whether Smith has plans to grant amnesty for fined or arrested unvaccinated citizens. 

Her response:

“As for the amnesty, I’d have to get some legal advice on that. Um, and so I’ve already asked my staff too, um, to request that advice so I can see how we would be able to proceed on that.

My view has been that, um, these were political decisions that were made, and so I think that we need political decisions to offer a reversal.”

But I still want to get some legal advice on that first.”

Smith went on to claim that she would “do it at the earliest opportunity” and is “hoping within the next week that I’ll get that advice.”

Along with Danielle Smith, more and more politicians and heads of state are starting to point out the government’s sins over these last 3 years of Covid totalitarian tyranny. 

For example, the newly elected Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni in her opening speech claimed the previous government’s treatment of the unvaxed was a “mistake.”

The Italian government also plans to reinstate suspended unvaccinated nurses and doctors. But are these apologies enough?

Even if some politicians and governments are starting to realize the insanity this plandemic was, there are still way too many wanting us to simply forgive and forget. 

The real culprits, people Fauci, Biden, Trudeau, and all the Big Pharma executives, are doubling down on their lies and aren’t likely to face justice anytime soon. For most Americans, we’ll need more than a simple sorry apology tour.

We need answers so this sort of thing does not happen again.

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