Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Files Motion in Custody Battle with the Political Personality After He Led a Rally in Austin

Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of radio host Alex Jones, has filed an emergency motion in the Travis County District Court in order to gain custody of their daughters for at least two weeks.

Kelly Jones pursued this action because her ex-husband held a rally at the Texas State Capitol on April 18, 2020 where he was exposed to 300 people who did not practice social distancing, did not use masks, or implement any safety measures to prevent the Wuhan virus pandemic.

It generally takes two weeks to determine whether an individual has contracted the Wuhan virus.

Austin attorney Tiffany Crouch Bartlett filed the motion on the night of April 19, 2020 on behalf of Kelly Jones asking State District Judge Lora Livingtson to keep Jones from “exercising any physical possession of the children …. for at least the next fourteen days as Alex— in blatant violation of local Travis County stay-at-home orders, and in violation of Texas and federal guidelines and recommendations.”

“This is my ex husband, #AlexJones, endangering my children by violating State Orders, unmasked and surrounded by countless unmasked people, with no respect for authority of my children’s health. #COVID19 #CPS #GregAbbot #NYT Pls RT. Do not allow my kids to go unprotected.”

The Joneses’ two daughters were spending the weekend with their mother and were expected to return to their father’s home on the evening of April 19. Taking into account what occurred at Saturday’s rally, Kelly Jones texted her ex-husband mid-afternoon Sunday that, “I have a duty to protect the children, and I cannot return them to you.”

However, in an affidavit filed with the court, Kelly Jones said that right before 6 p.m. Sunday, “I went to the kitchen to start dinner. I was in the kitchen for about two minutes. When I came out the children were gone. They texted me at 6:04 PM that they were at their dad’s (his home is around 10 minutes away from mine). Alex messaged me that he had picked them up.”

Alex Jones and Kelly Jones live relatively close to each other in Austin. The two girls live with Alex Jones for most of the time. They spend two hours every Thursday and every other weekend with their mother. Jones has full custody of his 17-year-old son.

Jones held the “You Can’t Close America Rally” on the south steps of the Capitol.

Alex Jones has been one the leading dissident voices in American politics for the last few decades.

With his family dispute and recent deplatforming scandals, Jones is clearly facing an uphill struggle.

Hopefully, he can come out on top and continue putting out content at a high level.

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