Alex Jones Goes DEFCON 5: Donald Trump Needs to ‘Wake the F**k Up’ on Tech Censorship

Conspiracy maven Alex Jones of Infowars sent an urgent message to President Donald Trump on Monday to “wake the f**k up” regarding tech censorship, believing it is the President’s “Achilles heel” that may stop him from gaining re-election in 2020.

“In just the last three days, Mr. President,” Jones said in an urgent address to Trump, “we have seen over two-hundred-million followers to scores of popular Instagram and Facebook accounts deleted and the accounts removed.”

“Some of these accounts had 43 million followers a piece. Others had over 30 million. If you combined just the top two accounts that got deleted for no reason other than they were politically popular and shared your information, that’s more followers than you have on Twitter,” Jones added.

Jones explained that the elites are obsessed with shutting down memes, which are the lifeblood of the populist uprising against globalism and far more powerful than all of the fake news propaganda.

“The fact that you’ve let them do this to thousands of other prominent conservatives and nationalists and haven’t taken action yet other than criticizing it has green-lit the purges to now be exponential,” Jones said to Trump.

Jones highlighted victims of Big Brother such as spicy.mp4 and yerdank who have had their Instagram meme accounts deleted as apart of the latest Orwellian purge. Jones explained that this is the real election meddling scandal, not anything having to do with Russians.

“Dammit, I care about you, and my fate is tied to you, and I’m pissed, buddy! If you keep sitting there and taking this crap, I’m not going to put up with it anymore,” Jones said in a desperate plea to the President.

“Because it doesn’t matter how good your agenda is and how many other great things you do, if you sit there and let these out-of-control criminals walk in here and steal our First Amendment and steal this damn election, then I don’t know what I’m going to be forced to do,” he added.

Jones issued this DEFCON 5 alert as a way to inspire his listeners to light a fire under Trump and his administration officials so they immediately tackle the menace that is Big Tech.

“Trump’s the target. The American people are the target. We’re all the target, and we’ve got to stand together because if we don’t have free speech and the First Amendment, what do we have?” Jones asked.

“Big Tech is the modern telecommunications system like the telephone, and we all have a right to it!” Jones said to finish his emergency broadcast.

The entire impassioned rant can be seen here:

Right now, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has active legislation in the Senate that would deny special privileges to tech monopoly firms if they show political bias in their content curation.

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