Alex Jones Lashes Out at ‘Q’ Lies, False Predictions, Complacency

Alex Jones called out the QAnon religion during Saturday’s broadcast of NewsWars, revealing that he was tired of the conspiracy movement’s lies, false predictions, and toxic influence.

Q tells us stuff and all of it’s lies.

Every g***** thing out of you people’s mouths doesn’t come true, and it’s always, ‘uhh, there’s energy, oh, now we’re done with Trump… You said he was the messiah.

I will not suffer your Q people after this. I knew what you were Day 1, I know what you are now, and I’m sick of it! I’m sick of these witches and warlocks, and pumpkin possums, and [breaks down laughing]… Bye-bye, Q, I can’t talk to you anymore.”

QAnon proved capable of holding onto a considerable following in recent months and years, even after facing social media censorship and routinely making false predictions of an impending wave of indictments, “plans,” and means for Trump to stay in office as attempts to reverse the certification of electoral college results failed.

Q was never the answer, and merely offered a means for a small minority of those inclined to support Trump to rationalize developments that were inconvenient.

It’s up to Trump supporters and America First to make their own “plan,” not to sit back on elaborate theories that dubious actors are promoting as foolproof.

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