Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rebuffed From Democratic Convention, While RINO John Kasich Will Speak

Reports for plans for the Democratic National Convention indicate that progressive New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will not be giving a speech for the program of events, while former Ohio Governor John Kasich- a nominal Republican- will be speaking in a primetime slot in support of Joe Biden for President.

The prioritization of Kasich over Ocasio-Cortez shows Biden’s interest in appealing to suburban affluent Republican voters, even if it comes at a detriment to turning out the Democratic base of urban millennials. The strategy could backfire significantly, especially if Ocasio-Cortez herself chooses to respond in kind and only provide lukewarm support for Biden.

Initial reports suggested that AOC would be given a primetime speaking role, only for sources close to the Bronx Democrat to correct such an assertion. It appears that AOC will instead speak in a limited capacity, in a function reflecting her role as a leader of Biden’s climate working task force.

Joe Biden may be the only individual to speak personally from the convention hall in which the event is principally located, on account of coronavirus social distancing measures. Biden campaign operatives are reportedly making “ruthless cuts” to accommodate for the digital nature of the event, forcing out many Democrats who would otherwise speak at the convention in person.

Kasich will speak on the same night as Vermont Independent socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, in a gesture that’s intended to highlight the range of Biden’s base of support.

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