All Men are Rapists According to Swedish Politician

Swedish Member of Parliament Linda Snecker has been called out for her recent statement where she declared that women “assume that all men are rapists.”

Then she said that “the violence of men must be stopped” and urged that men take “collective responsibility” for perpetuating rape.

In a speech about the rising degree of violent crime in Sweden, Snecker said “Men’s violence against women governs the entire world structure.”

The member of the Left Party then capped her speech off with, “That is why the struggle of feminism is everyone’s struggle. The violence of men must be stopped.”

A report from Sputnik revealed Snecker’s belief that “sexual oppression cut through all layers of society, with the culprits being men of all possible backgrounds and positions.”

Snecker’s statement received considerable pushback from Sweden Democrat Party member Katja Nyberg who said “Linda Snecker assumes that all men are rapists and says that all men must take their responsibility.”

Nyberg, however, thinks there’s more to Snecker’s antics than meets the eye. She said, “It is a smoke screen to cover up the real causes of the sex crime epidemic.”

She continued, “They desperately deny the consequences of their own mass immigration policy and instead blame all men, only to hide the facts of rape.” In this case, Nyberg alludes to migration policies that have created no-go zones and have turned Stockholm into the rape capital of Europe.

According to the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, 2018 was a record year with 7,556 reported rapes. Official statistics don’t include ethnic background, however certain independent reports point to immigrants dominating these statistics. Indeed, this raises concern because immigrants make up a quarter of Sweden’s population.

Sweden is not the only country subject to this trend. BLP reported how Germany is now witnessing the rise of no-go zones as a result of mass migration policies that Chancellor Angela Merkel has pursued in recent years.

These policies are generating backlash. BLP revealed that leaders like Matteo Salvini and Nigel Farage have become some of the most influential populists in European politics thanks to their hardline stances against mass migration. As a result, their parties are expected to perform well in the upcoming European elections.

Globalist advocates of mass migration will definitely have their hands full in the May elections.

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