All Of A Sudden, Celebrities Are Angry At Guns Again

Celebrities are hopping back on the ‘fight 2A’ bandwagon, pushing for stricter gun control.

Former Disney Channel star, Miley Ray Cyrus Tweeted a picture strutting what appears to be a hand-made t-shirt stating, “protect kids not gun”.

Cyrus’ t-shirt follows suit after country music stars Dierks Bentley and Tyler Hubbard (he sings for Florida Georgia Line – I had no idea who he was, either) joined the Toms campaign to #EndGunViolenceTogether.  The social justice warriors are advocating for universal background checks before the purchase of firearms… even though that has been law since 1998 and almost every mass shooting has consisted of guns that were bought legally, according to Breitbart. Maybe celebs missed that part in their Google search for trending gun safety arguments.

Of course, after the realization in the error filled anti-gun argument, some took to Instagram to “clear up confusion”:

Dierks Bentley and Tyler Hubbard (FGL) – after the realization that background checks for gun purchases are already a thing – state they simply want to get rid of gun shows, flea markets, and private vendors of guns. They just want the government to have authority of firearm purchases! Is that too much to ask? Government regulation of gun purchases is the best avenue for ceasing mass shootings, duh. Because big government is the answer to everything, according to these country singers.

The trending(ish) hashtag, #EndGunViolenceTogether has celebs throwing in their (irrelevant) two cents on how to handle the problem:

Newsflash: banning flea markets and gun shows is still an infringement on the second amendment. Unfortunately, celebrity endorsement and government regulation is not the answer to mass shootings. Fo shizzle.


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