Alleged “Experienced Sexual Predator” State Department Employee Charged With Drugging, Assaulting Women

A former US State Department employee is being charged with coercion and enticement, with federal authorities alleging he drugged and assaulted a woman in Mexico City in May of 2020.

The FBI began an investigation into Brian Jeffrey Raymond after Mexican law enforcement responded to reports of a naked woman screaming for help on the balcony of the State Department-rented apartment. Under US diplomatic agreements with other countries, American law enforcement have jurisdiction to investigate alleged crimes that occur in State Department-leased facilities.

Raymond has reportedly worked in six different countries during his State Department Career, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Federal prosecutors are describing Raymond as an “experienced sexual predator,” revealing they have evidence in a charging affidavit of what they believe to be photography and videos of the State Department employee assaulting unconscious and drugged women. They believe that Raymond has been engaging in criminal sexual activity since 2011, using Tinder and Bumble to lure women that he has drugged, filmed, and in some cases raped. (Warning: the description of Raymond’s alleged crimes is graphic.)

Forensic analysis of the defendant’s personal phone revealed approximately 25 video fragments of naked, unconscious women. The fragments were found in the phone’s deleted space.

The videos and photographs show at least 21 different unconscious women, all appearing to be adults. Some of the women in the videos and photographs are fully nude. Other videos show women partially dressed; a fragment shows a man’s hand pulling down a woman’s bra to expose her breast; and there are several fragments of a man’s hand touching breasts. The women are all unconscious and some can be heard snoring. In some of the videos and photographs, a man’s thumb can be seen lifting the eyelids of the women and holding them open. The women’s eyeballs do not move, and the women do not flinch, move, or respond in any way. In several of the videos, a man’s hand, appearing to be the defendant’s, can be seen opening the mouths of the women and inserting his fingers.

The women do not move or respond in any way. In some of the videos, a man’s hand can be seen lifting and waving the limp arms and legs of the women, and they do not move or respond in any way. The videos depict different focal points, to include the faces, breasts, and genitals of women. In multiple photographs and videos, an erect penis can be seen on the edge of the screen or frame. In at least one video, a nude male (who appears to be Raymond) can be seen lying in bed with AV-9’s naked, unconscious body, with her limp legs dragged over his and his penis erect. In one photograph, taken on May 30, 2020 of AV-7, a nude male can be seen straddling a fully nude, unconscious woman with his erect penis pointing in the direction of her.

Interviews of the victims appearing in the photographs and videos are ongoing. Those interviewed to date were unaware that the defendant had undressed and recorded them and indicated that they did not consent to such activity.

Raymond was arrested on October 8th in southern California, having quit his State Department job after learning that he was under investigation for criminal sexual activity.

The FBI released new photos of Raymond on Thursday, soliciting potential victims and information about the alleged sex offender. The ongoing investigation into Raymond, as well as the claims of prolific video evidence of sexual abuse in the charging affidavit, make it likely that the federal government is seeking to file additional charges against Raymond.

Raymond’s next court appearance is scheduled for January 20th.

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