Alleged Federal Informant Nick Alvear Plans Hoax Documentary Against Gen. Michael Flynn Over Jan. 6 Violence

An alleged federal informant is on the war path against Trump confidant General Michael Flynn, circulating baseless claims that Flynn planned the Jan. 6 violence in order to take down Trump.

Self-styled documentarian Nick Alvear has been making deranged and bizarre accusations against Flynn, including that Flynn has been replaced by a body double, catering to the overwrought paranoia of QAnon followers in an effort to sow discord within the MAGA movement:

Alvear’s upcoming movie about Flynn is apparently going to be called “Flynnstigate J6: Throne Wars“. Other movies produced by Alvear include “The Tartarian Empire: History Unraveled”, “Pervywood Elon Musk Vol. 1”, “The Devine Feminine”, and “Still Alive: Faul of the Cabal”, which rehashes the urban legend that The Beatles singer Paul McCartney died in 1966 and has been replaced by a body double for nearly six decades.

Long-time Trump advisor Roger Stone is also a frequent target of Alvear’s deluded ramblings:

Alvear, whose real name is Eduardo Nicolas Alvear Gonzalez, initially received mass media attention for entering the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He entered the Capitol and used illegal drugs in the name of supposed freedom.

Even though Alvear checked all the boxes of an individual who would be made into a cruel example by the Deep State, he received an incredible amount of leniency in comparison to his cohorts despite prosecutor Anne Veldhuis stating that Alvear “hasn’t shown remorse” and “has repeatedly mischaracterized and glorified the events of January 6.”

To be abundantly clear, neither Alvear nor any of the Jan. 6 defendants deserved ANY jail time or prosecutions for entering the Capitol. But when Alvear gets a mere three months in jail while legitimate journalists like Nick Ochs and Nicholas DeCarlo are sentenced to four years in prison despite not brazenly committing any illegal acts in the Capitol like Alvear had been, it raises serious questions.

Roger Stone raised awareness of a comprehensive thread on X posted by a whistleblower about Alvear’s alleged history as a QAnon grifter, son of illegal migrants, Jan. 6 provocateur, new age guru, drug addict, and suspected federal informant.

Big League Politics reached out to Alvear about his continued efforts to destroy the reputation of Gen. Flynn. Alvear’s denied he is producing any documentary inferring that Flynn was responsible for the fallout on Jan. 6, despite the fact that he posted the image on his own X account promoting his upcoming “Flynnstigate J6” movie.

QAnon has been frequently exploited by the deep state to discredit legitimate inquiry into conspiracy theories as government and corporate actors work behind the scenes to plot heinous crimes. Alvear’s “documentaries” are contributing to this effect, poisoning the well and making it more difficult for conspiracy analysis to be taken seriously.

UPDATE: Following publication, Alvear provided the following quote to Big League Politics for inclusion in this article:

If there ever is a film on it, it will be on [my website] and will no doubt leave the viewer questioning Flynn’s involvement with J6. It will have people questioning which side he’s on, why he’s speaking out about Trump’s assassination, why his brother is being called out for his lack of proper response to J6, and more. If the film gets made it won’t be a film accusing anyone of anything, it will be a film asking questions about alleged theories on the topic.

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