Allen West is Now the Next Chairman of the Texas Republican Party

Retired U.S Army lieutenant colonel Allen West will be the new chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

This past weekend, Texas GOP delegates overwhelmingly voted to replace the incumbent Chairman James Dickey.

West served in Congress from 2010 to 2012.

Brandon Waltens noted that “Dickey was originally selected by members of the State Republican Executive Committee to fill a vacancy after the resignation of former Chairman Tom Mechler, and won re-election in 2018 after an unsuccessful challenge from Cindy Crocker Asche.”

West made it a point to be more active as chairman of the Texas GOP and actually score legislative wins. He also made it clear that Republicans must actually stand up to their Democrat rivals.

“It is time that the Republicans in Texas act like they’re in the majority, and not have Democrats as chairmen of very important committees that undermine our legislative priorities, like what we saw happen with constitutional carry, or even putting them on critical boards and commissions such as the Legislative Budget Board,” declared West in a questionnaire that Texas Scorecard sent out. “We need to act like we’re in the majority and respond to the grassroots and priorities of the people that elected Republicans to be where they are in the state of Texas.”

The convention was originally set to be held in Houston. However, the Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner ended up canceling the party’s contract with the George R. Brown Convention Center.

This move forced the GOP to hold the convention online. Walten explained that the convention faced a number of technical hiccups:

The online convention, however, was plagued with technical problems from the start, as delegates were unable to receive their credentials to vote securely—a problem that was never completely resolved, leaving some longtime grassroots activists reportedly unable to participate in the process, and frustrating those that were.

Nevertheless, voting still took place and West declared victory in a Facebook post around 3:15 A.M. on July 20.

The result was officially confirmed during a general session at noon on July 20 after Dickey handed the gavel over to West.

Hopefully, under West’s leadership, the Texas GOP listens to the will of conservative voters and actually passes conservative legislation such as Constitutional Carry.

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