Almost a Third of Democratic Socialists of America Members Make More than $100k a Year

Internal survey membership data gauged by the Democratic Socialists of America, a leftist organizing group that supported Bernie Sanders for President, reveals that almost a third of the organization’s members make more than $100,000 a year.

The group’s 2017 membership survey response, cited by leftist commentator Brianna Last, reveals that 29% of the group’s members describe their income as being above $100k. The group’s membership is overwhelmingly coastal and metropolitan, and only 6% of DSA members are union members- well below the national figure of 10% union membership among the American public.

Annual wage and earning data for the general American public reveals a far lower figure- with just over 9% of Americans making more than $100k.

The group appears broadly unrepresentative of the American working class, a contradiction for any socialist organizing group that identifies its target demographic as working people. DSA conferences have proven to be rife with politically correct and neoliberal gender and identity politics, yet another defining political characteristic of the political and media elite.

The DSA’s membership appears to be greatly defined by wealthy, college-educated millennials, who have a tenuous connection to working Americans such as service and blue-collar workers.

The timeless stereotype of a ‘champaign socialist-‘ one who merely dislikes the rich, while largely disregarding the lifestyles and cultures of the working class they claim to represent- seems to be more than appropriate.

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