Alyssa Milano: MAGA Hats = White Hoods

Alyssa Milano joined the majority of the media in prematurely making assumptions about the Covington Catholic School incident.

Tweeting out that President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” red hat is the new “white hood,” Milano continues her Twitter war on Trump.

Insinuating that “white boys” are President Trump’s sole supporters, Milano places blame (for everything) at the feet of caucasian men. The MAGA hats – representing everything Trump campaigned on – she compares to white hoods of the KKK. Known for wearing white robes and hoods while burning crosses, the extremist KKK made exterminating the black ethnicity in America a main objective.

Receiving almost 9 thousand responses to the tweet, many shamed Milano for the outrageous assumptions. One fine response comes from Melissa A, receiving almost 4k favorites, sent a picture of multiple African Americans sporting MAGA hats.

Many other responses highlighted the stupidity of the comparison:

The failed actress has reached to new lengths in her hatred of President Trump – being that her Twitter rants are the only thing keeping her somewhat relevant. The tweet attempting to tear down the high school kids wearing MAGA hats proves her sole purpose – to trash Trump. She tries to group the ‘MAGA crowd’ as an over-the-top hate group, stating that Trump supporters are the same as KKK members.

In an absurd attempt to make a stab at Trump supports, Alyssa Milano really just made a fool of herself. Again.

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