Amarillo Mayor Sends Letter to Governor Greg Abbott Clamoring for Gun Control

Are Texas’ major cities going to create a parallel anti-gun framework? 

While the nation was fixated on the Roe v. Wade decision, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson sent a letter with her signature to Governor Greg Abbott calling for additional gun control. 

Amarillo, where parts of it are located in Potter and Randall Counties — places that went to Donald Trump 69%-30% and 79%-20% respectively — now has a political leader that is pushing for gun control that is the standard for blue states such as California and New York. 

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News noted that Nelson desires red flag gun confiscation orders, universal background checks, a proposal to raise the age to buy an “assault weapon” to 21.

In this letter, Democratic mayors such as Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner agreed with Nelson and signed on to the letter. 

Independent San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker, who is a Republican, also signed on in favor of gun control.

As far as opposition goes, Amarillo City Councilman Cole Stanley has stood against Mayor Nelson’s gun control proposals. 

In a letter that Stanley published, there was a passage that stated the following: 

As a result of Mayor Ginger Nelson’s support of the open letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott regarding gun control, I am stating publicly that as an elected representative of the citizens of Amarillo, TX, the Mayor does not speak for me nor does she represent my views on this subject.

Stanley continued, “Our God-given rights shall not be infringed upon by impotent policies that restrict law-abiding citizens’ freedoms and do nothing to protect the most innocent people in our society.”

There are increasing tensions between urban centers and rural areas in Texas, as the former tries to radically transform the state along the lines of many coastal cities in the US. The Texas GOP was perhaps smart enough to pick up on this when it called for the state to adopt a State Constitutional Amendment that would establish an electoral college. 

Under this system, popular votes would be cast within each state senate district, who would subsequently elect all statewide offices. 

Thanks to mass migration and the influx of woke, mega corporations, Texas has grown more politically competitive, as seen with Republican margins dwindling within the state in statewide races. To prevent the blueing of the state, Republicans will need to stop mass migration and prevent woke corporations from setting up shop in the state.

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