Amazon Hiring Private Intelligence to Target Enemies Like Political Dissidents and Labor Leaders

The private corporation Amazon is hiring intelligence goons to target their enemies like political dissidents and labor leaders.

Amazon removed the job posting from their website after anger began to build about the tech monopoly’s brazen maneuver to target its enemies with its immense power and wealth.

The job posting requested analysts who could focus on “sensitive topics that are highly confidential, including labor organizing threats against the company,” and “establish and track funding and activities connected to corporate campaigns (internal and external) against Amazon.”

They said that the work would be used to formulate “restraining orders against activist groups.” Amazon made their intention clear for their opponents to be jailed, saying that “intelligence assessments are used by Legal to demonstrate to court of law that activist groups harbor intent for continued illegal activity” with regards to the company.

The original job posting can be seen here:

The groups on Amazon’s hit list seemingly include “hate groups, policy initiatives, geopolitical issues, terrorism, law enforcement, and organized labor.” They are looking for “previous experience in intelligence analysis and or watch officer skill set in the intelligence community, the military, law enforcement, or a related global security role in the private sector.”

Big League Politics reported on how Amazon founder Jeff Bezos rubbed elbows with dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell long after it was widely understood that she played a major role in Epstein’s illicit operation:

Amazon founder and Washington Post kingpin Jeff Bezos is one of the most influential globalist oligarchs in the world, and he invited Ghislaine Maxwell to a meeting of his secret society for influential writers last year.

VICE has discovered that Maxwell, who has been fingered in civil court documents as the long-time accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, was invited by Bezos to his Campfire meeting in 2018. She has been called out by many of Epstein’s alleged victims as the fiend who helped the late Democrat-affiliated predator groom underage girls for his sex trafficking operation.

Bezos holds his annual Campfire, a gala meeting where he invites Hollywood celebrities, tech moguls, top authors, and other influential figures to mingle under the cover of darkness. Two different attendees confirmed off the record that Maxwell appeared at the 2018 event. She did not appear at the 2019 event that convened last month, following Epstein’s mysterious death that was ruled a suicide by the authorities…

Bezos, whose messy public feud with President Donald Trump has become headline news in recent years, sees himself as the new master of reality. He very well may be allying himself with some of the world’s seediest actors in service of Moloch toward the ends of a satanic one-world government.

Amazon is one of many Big Tech monopolies that needs to be broken up immediately to stop the Orwellian Nightmare from coming to fruition.

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