Amazon Oligarch Jeff Bezos Hails Joe Biden as Next American President

Amazon oligarch Jeff Bezos congratulated Joe Biden in a Sunday Instagram post, hailing the 78-year old former Vice President and his running mate in a message where he heralded Biden’s supposed victory.

Bezos claims that Biden and Harris represent “unity, empathy and decency,” repeating an establishment talking point about the supposed merits of Biden’s character as opposed to concrete policy proposals.

Bezos frequently feuded with President Donald Trump throughout his first term, with Trump accusing Bezos’ Amazon of ripping off the Post Office by utilizing its services at the rate designed for small businesses and private individuals.

Bezos, the world’s richest man, sold off more than $3 billion in Amazon stock the day after election day when corporate news networks began hailing Biden as President.

Tucker Carlson has forecast the possibility of a Biden presidency as a union between America’s most powerful elite institutions, in which oligarchs such as Jeff Bezos, Big Tech monopolies, and an unaccountable ideological Deep State would act to quiet dissent from everyday and working-class Americans.

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