America Fights Back As States Look For Ways To “Attack” Biden Regime’s Medical Tyranny

In a positive story to start off the week, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts announced on Sunday that his Attorney General will be working closely with other patriotic Attorney Generals across the country in an effort to find legal avenues to circumvent and counteract the Biden Regime’s most recent vaccine mandate, which will force any employer with more than 100 employees on their roster to force them to take the dubiously approved covid-19 shot.

According to The Epoch Times, Governor Ricketts informed Fox News Sunday that “he’s (Attorney General Doug Peterson) coordinating with the other attorneys general across the country who share similar views about the overreach,” further adding that “this is an egregious overreach of federal authority. And as we see what these rules are, we will be able to know exactly how we will be able to challenge them in court. I’m also talking with my colleagues around the country as well, the other governors who feel the way I do, and we’ll be working on other strategies.

Just this last week, the Biden regime made two major moves towards medical tyranny. The first was to mandate that all federal government employees receive the jab as a condition of employment unless they presented a medical or religious exemption, which we can of course expect leftist government officials to honor in perpetuity and not try to subvert over time. The second major move was to instruct Occupational Safety and Health Administration, colloquially and infamously known as OSHA, to create a legal order to legally require that businesses with over 100 employees force the jab on their employees as a condition of employment.

Unsurprisingly, the puppets of the regime have done all they can to paint these moves with enough veneer of legality and justification to placate the millions who somehow still take their word as near gospel. Indeed, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki played her part, saying that “the law basically requires the Department of Labor to take action when it finds grave risk to workers.” She went on to say “and, certainly, a pandemic that killed more than 600,000 people qualifies as a grave risk to workers.” The public will undoubtedly be waiting with bated breath on equivalent mandates regarding the consumption of fast food and the purchasing of junk food, given the greater and more consistent death toll cardiovascular disease and cancer carry.

Some of the regime’s puppets were even considerate enough to play down the extent of the new directives from the regime. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy even appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday to say that “the requirements that he announced are not sweeping requirements for the entire nation. These are focused on areas where the federal government has legal authority to act,” which is all the assurance the public needs seeing as how the federal government has never attempted to expand its size and scope and redefine its “legal authority to act.”

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