America First Candidate in Florida Supports an Immigration Moratorium

Few political candidates have hit the ground running the way Anthony Sabatini has since throwing his hat in the ring to run for Florida’s 7th congressional district. 

He’s an infantry officer in the Florida Army National Guard, who is running on a unapolegetic America First platform of cracking down on Big Tech censorship, standing up for the Second Amendment, and taking on illegal immigration — among other issues.

The third part is where Sabatini stands out. Sabatini made waves on June 21, 2021 by calling for an immigration moratorium. The congressional candidate tweeted, “TOTAL MORATORIUM ON IMMIGRATION NOW.”

Immigration patriot websites like VDARE have long pushed for an immigration moratorium to protect American workers and keep America’s historic demographics intact. During a time when millions of American workers have been displaced by draconian lockdowns and the country’s social fabric is in tatters, bringing in more migrants — legal and illegal — is simply asking for more problems. 

For conservatives and libertarians who believe in the ideas of figures like F.A. Hayek and Milton Friedman, immigration restriction is absolutely essential. Migrant voting patterns, which skew in favor of Democrats and similar leftist parties, will make any right-wing fantasies go down the drain as the country gets put on the fast track to a one-party state.

Conservatives will need to get fully behind the likes of candidates such as Anthony Sabatini if they want their movement to remain relevant and preserve the American nation.

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