America First Candidate Joey Salads Runs Illegal Alien Social Experiment at Bernie Sanders Rally

Congressional candidate Joseph “Joey Salads” Saladino recently launched a social experiment a Bernie Sanders for President rally in Long Island City on October 19.

During the experiment, Saladino asked people if they were willing to house illegal aliens.

The responses were overwhelmingly “no”.

“I wanted to do this to point out that the kind of people who support mass illegal migration don’t really care about the people, they just care about the social status it brings to support illegals. Even at the expense of other Americans,” Saladino claimed.

Saladino noted some of the inconsistencies of Sanders’ immigration positions over the years.

Back in 2016, Sanders came out strongly against legal and illegal immigration. However, now he’s struggling to punch through to the top in the primary, he’s surrendered that pro-labor stance in favor of extreme progressive, anti-labor mass migration. I’m confident that most people there weren’t aware of his stance.

“Has anyone asked AOC about Sander’s immigration flip-flop?” Saladino continued. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blocked Saladino a few months ago, which caused Saladino to file a lawsuit to change that.

Saladino made his position clear: “Regular Americans should not be forced to pay for illegal aliens, or welfare for legal immigrants when Americans are suffering now already.”

He also supports building the wall, prohibiting the use of welfare for immigrants, and common-sense reforms like the RAISE Act and E-Verify.

Indeed, immigration is a hot button issue for America and the rest of the West, for that matter.

With mass migration already causing harmful effects in Europe, the issue has been at the top of the public policy radar since the Brexit vote occurred in 2016.

Donald Trump’s election in America has only reinforced this trend.

Saladino’s campaign has noticed this, and is positioning their candidate as the America First option for New York’s District 11.

For voters in this district, Saladino is the only candidate that puts worker and small business interests first.


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