America First Candidate Marjorie Greene Receives Endorsement from Pro-Trump Rep. Matt Gaetz

America First candidate Marjorie Greene teamed up with Congressman Matt Gaetz at a fundraiser for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign at Mar-A-Lago resort on Friday, February 7, 2020.

Gaetz tweeted, “Honored to join @mtgreenee at Mar-A-Lago as we gather funds for #TrumpVictory! She’ll be a great fighter for Georgia in Congress and you can support her campaign here


Greene is the America First candidate for Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

She’ll stand up to the Left’s full-fledged assault on gun ownership, the right to life, and private property.

Greene has made a name for herself by confronting politicians during times when gun control discussions became heated throughout 2019.

Her actions have not gone unnoticed.

She recently received endorsements from the Right Women PAC and House Freedom Fund.

Partnering with Gaetz, one of Congress’ staunchest conservatives, is a good sign that Greene will be a solid America First patriot should she be elected to higher office.

From foreign policy to immigration, Gaetz has proven to be President Trump’s strongest ally in the House.

His track record demonstrates that he is the future of the America First movement at the congressional level.

But like any movement that has aspirations of shaping policy in the long-term, it needs a strong cadre of leaders.

Greene would be a great addition to this America First coalition.

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