America First Candidates Celebrate Primary Wins, Corporate Press Double-Downs On Fear Mongering

America First candidates are dominating the news today, as big-ticket candidates like Blake Masters, Wendy Rogers, and Mark Finchem disrupt the state that Biden won in 2020.

Notably, all three candidates were Trump-endorsed.

We already reported on “sweet grandma” Wendy Rogers who has declared victory in the Republican primary for the Arizona senate. Which was a race dubbed one of the “biggest to watch “because it featured two Republicans who are current senators.

“I am so grateful to all of you,” Rogers wrote on Twitter.

“With over $132k in swamp lobbyist PAC money spent against me, we won big – 18%+ and our margins are improving as more ballots are counted. We won the mail-in ballots. We won the election day ballots. We won every county,” she continued.

We also reported earlier today on NBC News declaring Mark Finchem the winner of Arizona’s GOP Secretary of State. Like Rogers, Finchem says he is going to pursue election integrity to the highest degree.

Finchem has stated that he “will stop the ballot fraud, will fight for transparent elections, positive ID for all voters and secure our elections.”

He adds: “I will make audits normal and regular so that the cheaters can’t steal our elections anymore.”

Blake Masters is another big name that scored a massive victory on Wednesday. He won Arizona’s GOP senate primary and will meet incumbent Senator Mark Kelly in the general election.

As The New York Times reported, Masters took 38.9 percent of the vote over rival Jim Lamon, who had 28.9 percent.

Masters was the GOP front-runner and is backed by his former employer tech billionaire Peter Thiel. Lamon is in the business of solar energy per The Post Millennial.

On Tuesday night, Trump celebrated his endorsement victories in primaries in Kansas and Missouri. “Won all of our Endorsed Races in Kansas and Missouri. Great going ‘Eric.’ Big Night. Thank you!” he posted on Truth Social.

Right on cue, the corporate press is already spewing anti-GOP rhetoric in anticipation of a disastrous 2022 midterm election for Democrats – WATCH:

NBC News smeared Finchem as “a prominent 2020 election denier” during their article about his election victory. And Newsweek even went as far as to dub the Trump-backed candidate as the “QAnon-linked Arizona lawmaker.”

Pay attention to this message, because it is sure to increase as general election season approaches. For example, NPR already put out a hit piece against Republican candidates who are calling out our invasion at the Southern Border.

“Talk of ‘invasion’ moves from the fringe to the mainstream of GOP immigration message,” NPR stated.”

“The word invasion has a long history in white nationalist circles. For years, it was used widely by supporters of the ‘replacement theory’ — the false conspiracy theory that says Jews or elites are deliberately replacing white Americans with immigrants and people of color,” the partisan outlet added. “Until recently, you rarely heard it from Republican officeholders or candidates.”

Democrats will retort to this fear-mongering tactic because it is the only thing that works for their failed platform and policies.

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