America First Congressman Whacks Neoconservative Hack John Bolton

America First congressman Paul Gosar sounded off on former National Security Advisor John Bolton on January 27, 2020.

Bolton is currently being pressured to testify during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The political establishment believes that Bolton’s testimony could reveal damning information about the President’s alleged “misconduct” regarding the Ukraine affair.

This whole controversy arose when Trump supposedly withheld aid to the Ukraine on the condition that Ukrainian officials provide information on the dealings of 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

With increasing pressure to get Bolton to testify, elected officials like Gosar are stepping up to call out Bolton and dismiss whatever claims he will likely make during this testimony.

Gosar tweeted, “As Under Secretary of State for Arms Control, @AmbJohnBolton peddled the lie that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs. Bolton doesn’t have a track record of honesty or putting America first. With him (and his book) it’s Bolton first and America last.”

The Arizona congressman has been one of the strongest voices of America First values in Congress, and is a staunch advocate of foreign policy restraint.

Bolton’s neoconservative track record establishes himself as a reliable swamp creature.

He was instrumental in building the narrative that got the U.S. government involved in the disastrous Iraq War.

Although Bolton is out of the Trump administration, his original hiring was one of the biggest mistakes that President Trump made.

This whole impeachment drama should serve as a lesson for Trump that he should be more careful about hiring the right personnel.

For his America First campaign platform to be implemented, he must select loyal and competent people that will not undermine him from within.

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