“America First” is a Positive, Inspiring Message for Hungarians, Says Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Tucker Carlson Interview

A condensed version of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban aired Thursday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

In the interview Orban explained why leftists and globalists detest him, responded to Joe Biden’s charge that he’s a “totalitarian thug,” shared what makes Hungary a successful country, and weighed in on whether other Western nations have a chance to reorder their societies around traditional values and a strong national identity.

The prime minister believes he’s vilified by leftists and globalists because they’re hell-bent on implementing a “post-Christian” and “post-national” society—something he resolutely opposes. Later in the interview Orban also cited his country’s success in maintaining a social order centered around Christian values and Hungarian nationalism.

“It’s a real challenge for the liberal thinkers that what is going on in Central Europe […] is building up a society which is very successful economically, politically, culturally. Even in demography we have some success, family policy,” he explained. “But the fundamentals of this success are totally different than it is viewed and run and created by many other Western countries.”

“So the Western liberals cannot accept that inside Western Civilization there is a conservative, national alternative which is more successful at everyday life than the liberal ones. That is why they criticize us,” the prime minister added.

Toward the end of the interview Orban called former president Donald Trump “very supportive” and a good friend of the Hungarian nation and Orban himself.

“America First is a very positive message here in Central Europe. If, for Donald Trump, ‘America First,’ [then] for us, Hungary could be first as well,” he said.

Tucker has been visiting Hungary this week and broadcasting his show from Budapest. On Wednesday Big League Politics posted one of his monologues explaining how the United States can learn from Hungary’s management of their own southern border.

Scroll up to watch the interview or click here to view it on YouTube. There will also be a fuller version as part of a documentary that will air on “Tucker Carlson Originals,” which can be viewed on Fox Nation (subscription required).

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