AMERICA FIRST: Matt Gaetz Warns Against War with Iran

As tensions rise with Iran, America First congressman Matt Gaetz insists on non-interventionism.

After Iran allegedly attacked oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, neoconservatives have screamed for military action against the Islamic Republic.

However, Gaetz was one of the few Republican officials to caution against military action.

On Twitter, he warned about America’s “Forever War.”

Instead, the Florida Congressman highlighted the need to defend American borders as opposed to the borders of foreign countries in the Middle East.

Criminal organizations like Mexico’s Gulf Cartel arguably pose a much larger threat to American national security than Iran’s mullahs, which Gaetz highlighted in a subsequent tweet:

During the past few months, Gaetz has remained steadfast in his America First foreign policy, which he highlighted in a well-received foreign policy speech.

When calls for potential intervention in Venezuela where in vogue, Gaetz stood strong and emphasized the need for non-interventionism.

Gaetz’s foreign policy views are indicative of a new movement growing with the GOP that is now focusing more non-interventionism and restoring Middle American values.

Such an approach is a stark contrast to the neoconservative, nation-building of the Bush era.

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